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Now&Me, A Mental Wellness App, Changes the Game of Online Therapy

Now&Me, a mental wellness application, changes the outlook of online therapy by making it affordable and easily accessible to the general audience with things that make them feel heard, like authentic connections, self-help tools, and unconditional love and support from the community. 

Online counseling has entirely changed the game of therapy, especially after COVID-19, when the world came to a standstill and everyone learned the importance of mental health and therapy. From there, the idea of online therapy emerged and people started taking their self-care journey to a whole new level. 

To make online therapy feasible and easily accessible, the Now&Me team gave therapy a new twist by putting together the idea of community building, self-help tools, and short versions of therapy online, where you can share your feelings anonymously, talk to peer listeners, get access to thoroughly vetted content, and get expert guidance, all in one place. 

Along with this, Now&Me also launched their professional guidance Expert Panel in January 2023 to give people access to a variety of experts catering to every kind of issue or problem. Furthermore, they created an Online Community where you can share your feelings and thoughts anonymously without any shame, judgment, or fear. 

To make therapy easily accessible for the working class, Now&Me introduced the concept of Bite-Sized Therapy, a test drive for therapy that includes shorter sessions with timings customizable according to the user’s preferences and immediate assistance from an expert.

Not only this, Now&Me also introduced the Self-Help Tools feature, which includes daily affirmations, journaling questions, and meditation exercises that can be purchased from the application for an incredibly low price to help you get started on your healing journey. 

To sum up, the mission of Now&Me is simple — to make online therapy affordable and motivate people to encourage themselves and everyone around them to take therapy without any shame or guilt. So, book your session with Now&Me and help yourself and others around you realize the importance of therapy and how it helps you become your best self.